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Due Date - March 19th preceding the Academic Year listed above


I would like to be considered for the (check all that apply):

Trustee Scholarship
Graduate Assistantship
Helen Matthews Rand Endowed Scholarship

Grace Hawkins-Briggs Endowed Scholarship
Harriet M. Strong Endowed Scholarship
Lillian Ruth Dabney Endowed Scholarship
Faustine C. Jones-Wilson Endowed Scholarship

I have previously been awarded a School of Education Scholarship.

Name of Scholarship(s):
Year(s) Awarded:

General Award and Application Information

Most students in the School of Education receive some form of financial aid, either through the School of Education or through the Financial Aid Office. The School of Education provides need and merit-based scholarships and assistantships to qualified students.


Scholarships are awards based on academic merit and financial need. Undergraduate and graduate students must have been enrolled at Howard for at least TWO semesters rpior to the award. Applicants must be in a School of Education program and enrolled in a minimum of 12 undergraduate hours or 9 graduate hours. In some instances, entering students may qualify for scholarships.

Grace Hawkins-Briggs Endowed Scholarship Up to $2500 per academic year
Hattie M. Strong Endowed Scholarship

Up to $5000 per academic year

Lillian Ruth Dabney Endowed Scholarship Up to $5000 per academic year (need-based)
Faustine C. Jones-Wilson Endowed Scholarship $500 per academic year (need-based Book Scholarship)

* Refer to the Howard University SOE website, for specific scholarship criteria. Please note that the award amounts may change.

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Previous Institutions/Degrees:

Name of Institution: Dates Attended: Major: GPA Degree Received:

Admissions Test Results:

GRE (Comp): Verbal Quantitative Analytical Writing
Praxis I (Comp): Reading Writing Mathematics
Praxis II (if applicable): Content Pedagogy (PLT)

Financial Aid Information

Have you completed or do you intend to complete a FAFSA for this application's academic year? Are you currently receiving federal financial aid and/or other funding? If yes, what is the source of that funding?

Current and/or Prospective Graduate Program

Program Area: Date Applied:
Major: Date Admitted:
Degree: Admission Status:
Faculty Advisor:
For Current Howard University Students Only:
Number of Semester Hours Earned to Date: Cumulative GPA:

Professional Goals (RAND SCHOLARSHIP ONLY)

What grade-level do you plan to teach?

What subject matter do you plan to teach?

Where do you plan to fulfill your two-year inner city/urban teaching commitment?

Personal Statement (RAND SCHOLARSHIP)

In a personal statement of 5-8 typed pages, please answer the following questions:


A personal statement must include a description of your academic and career aspirations and why you should receive need-based and/or merit-based financial support from the School of Education.

Application Checklist

The Submission of this Application with current, accurate and complete information
Copy of UG and Graduate transcripts (unofficial transcript) (mailed to Associate Dean (see address below)
Official GRE Scores (submitted to Howard University using code 5297 or mailed to Associate Dean (see address below))
Copy of Praxis Scores (submitted to Howard University using code 5297 or mailed to Associate Dean (see address below))
Personal Statement (sent to )
Résumé describing your work experience, community involvement, honors and awards (sent to )
Letters of Recommendation - (RAND) Two from college/university professors and One from a practicing urban school teacher
(OTHER THAN RAND) Two letters submitted in sealed envelopes and addressed to the Associate Dean, School of Education, 2441 Fourth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20059 or e-mailed from the PROFESSIONAL e-mail source to

Include additional information as required for the specific scholarship

Please note that applicants may be interviewed by the Faculty Committee, SOE Department Chairs & Faculty, and/or a representative from the Office of the Dean

Applications received after the due data will be considered only if funds are still available. Incomplete applications will not be considered.