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Application for Graduate Study in Education

To expedite this application, complete this form, submit, and print it as an Adobe PDF form, save the file under your last and first name, and attach it, and sent it via e-mail to the appropriate department below.

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The University

Howard University is a private institution chartered in 1867 by an Act of Congress as "a university for the education of youth in the liberal arts and sciences. Howard University is a comprehensive research university, unique and irreplaceable, defined by it core values, the excellence of all its activities, instruction, research and service, by its enduring commitment to educating youth, African Americans and other people of color in particular, and for leadership and service to our nation and the global community.

Howard University produces a high percentage of African-American professional scholars. The University offers more than 160 specialized subjects with doctorates available in more than 23 areas.

Application Deadline Dates

Curriculum and Instruction, MEd: Rolling Admission (Fall, Spring, or Summer) - Program can be completed most efficiently with summer admission. Students should apply by February 15th for best consideration of scholarships.

Educational Administration and Policy - EdD - Fall - March 15th

Educational Administration and Policy - MEd - Fall - April 15th

School Psychology and Counseling Services - MEd - Fall - April 1st

Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology and School Psychology - PhD - Fall - December 15th


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Previous Institutions/Degrees - List all universities and colleges attended. List institutions where highest degree was obtained first. Howard University students: List Howard University and all other institutions.

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Name of Institution: City State/ Country Major: Degree Received: From mo/yr To mo/yr

Admissions Test Results:

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Praxis I (Core Academic Skills for Educators):
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Praxis II (Subject Area Assessments/ Specialty Area Tests / PLT):
ACT: Composite Writing
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If you answer yes to any of the next four (4) questions, attach a letter giving details.

a) Have you been arrested? Yes No

b) Have you been convicted of any crime (other than traffic violations) or been sentenced to a correctional or penal institution? Yes No

c) Has disciplinary action been taken against you at any educational institution? Yes No

d) Has academic action been taken against you at any educational institution attended? Yes No

What most influenced your decision to attend Howard University?

List family members (exclude spouse) who have attended Howard University. (optional)

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I understand that withholding information required on this application or giving false information may make me ineligible for admission to the University or subject to dismissal when the same is made know regardless of classification. With this understanding, I certify that all of the above statement and information included are correct and complete; and, if admitted to Howard University, I agree to abide by its policies, rules and regulations.


Application Checklist

The completed and submitted graduate application
Non-refundable application fee of $45.00 made payable to Howard University (CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER)
Official Transcript(s) from ALL colleges/Universities attended. Official electronic copies are preferred and should be sent via e-mail to the department administrators below.
Three letters of recommendation from professors/educators who can attest to the applicant's potential for graduate work in the major selected.
Statement of Interest - An essay stating your purpose in pursuing a degree in the area selected
Autobiographical sketch - A brief biography of one's own life written in paragraph form
A Graded Paper - Some departments require graded papers from courses (See Dept Requirements)
GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or Praxis I (Reading, Writing and Mathematics) scores (Howard University, code 5297)

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please note that applicants may be interviewed by the Faculty Committee, SOE Department Chairs & Faculty, and/or a representative from the Office of the Dean.

General Application Procedures

Please submit this application (see below) and send (via mail or e-mail) all other application materials and appropriate fees to one of the following 3 departments:

Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (MEd, EdD): Department of Curriculum and Instruction ( Elementary, Secondary and Special Education MEd): Department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies (School Psychology and Counseling Services MEd): Department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies (Counseling, Educational and School Psychology PhD)
School of Education
Howard University
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Attn: Admissions, Ms. Naomi Black
2441 4th Street, NW
ASA, Room 221
Washington, DC 20059
Ph. 202-806-7342

School of Education
Howard University
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Attn: Admissions
2441 4th Street, NW
ASA, Room 203
Washington, DC 20059
Ph. 202-806-7343

School of Education
Howard University
Department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies
Attn: Admissions, Ms. Georgina Jarrett
2441 4th Street, NW
ASA, Room 303
Washington, DC 20059
Ph. 202-806-7350

Howard University Graduate School
Office of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions
4th and College Streets, NW Suite 200
Washington, DC 20059
Ph. 202-806-7469
Fx: 202-806-4664

Admission Requirements for International Students

Undergraduate and/or graduate records that reflect the equivalency of a U.S. four-year baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Official transcripts, certificates and/or mark sheets must be sent directly from institutions abroad to the address in accordance with the program of interest. If the documents are not in English, they must be accompanied by offical translation. Course syllabi or catalogs may also be required. Transcripts and admissions documentation must bear the same name that appears on the graduate application for admission. If the names are different, please send a photcopy of your passport or other notorized documentation reflecting your name change.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), required for individuals from non-English speaking countries. Official TOEFL scores must be sent directly from ETS. The School of Education does not endorse a cutoff score; however, a minimum score of 550 is encouraged on the paper-based exam and 213 on the computer-based exam. Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) - International applicants requesting an I-20 will be issued after the student is admitted to the University, has paid the necessary $300 Enrollment Fee, and has submitted the Statement of Financial Resources Form with the correct amount of funds, signed by the sponsor(s).

Readmission Procedures

All students who are absent from or not registered at the University for one semester (Summer Session not included) are referred to as Former Students Returning (FSR) and must apply in advance for readmission by submitting the Application for Graduate Study 60 days prior to the date of registration. The application fee is not required for Former Students Returning.


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